Medical Insurance

NAGICARE is one of the best health insurance plans your money can buy! With NAGICARE Platinum, Gold or Emerald, you have worldwide flexible options for medical coverage and policy payments.

Our Platinum policy covers your emergency medical needs, with worldwide coverage and a lifetime limit of US$2 million dollars. It is most often offered to groups, with a supplementary coverage. It is balanced and perfect for people who are budget minded but require reliable coverage. Benefits of the Platinum policy include prompt service covering 80% for doctors’ and hospital visits and an affordable 20 % co-payment for medication. With our Gold coverage, you get worldwide coverage with a lifetime limit of US$1 million dollars, also with other minor differences to the Platinum in the Dental, Vision and Air Ambulance coverages.

Are you on a limited budget and concerned for your health coverage? We’ve got you covered with our Emerald policy, which has a lifetime limit of US$0.5 million dollars and gives you local coverage including the entire Caribbean.

All of our policies include coverage for organ transplants, dental and vision benefits with a maximum acceptance age of 60 years.

Additionally, our partnership with UnitedHealth International will give you access to a wide range of service providers such as doctors, laboratories and pharmacies, including 4,600 hospitals, 440,000 physicians and 73,000 health service providers. UnitedHealthcare is an operating division of UnitedHealth Group, the largest single health carrier in the United States.
With NAGICARE you get the best healthcare plan at the most affordable prices.

For more information or to establish a Medical insurance policy, call 284-394-6433, or email us.

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